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Block Paving

Block Paving, also known as brick paving, is a durable, versatile and affordable surface more commonly used for Driveways or Pathways.
Block Paving is a hard standing surface that can be laid in many different patterns and styles with designs being in cooperated into the area also.

With a large range of colours, block sizes and styles available to view, we can work with you to meet any of your requirements to achieve your desired finish.
Another benefit of a Block Paving area is that if one area needs replacing in the future, it is just a case of removing the old and reinstalling the new.
All of our Block Paving installations are installed onto a fully compacted bed of Type 1 aggregate and Sharp Sand with a Dried Kiln Sand to finish. For permeable paving we install Type 3 aggregate and 4-20mm aggregate with a 3mm aggregate to finish.

Block paving.jpeg
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