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Tarmac, also known as Tarmacadam, is a bituminous material that consists of crushed aggregate and sand. It is commonly used for Roads, Pavements, Driveways and other large surface area’s.

The Tarmac gets raked into place and the compacted down with a vibrating roller and compacter plate allowing the Tarmac to tightly knit itself together resulting in a smooth hard standing surface.

Tarmac surfaces are extremely neat and durable and will leave your property looking complete for years to come and you will not have to worry about getting your surface area completed again any time soon.

If you currently have a Concrete or Tarmac surface down that is in a good condition with no ground movement, we can install a Tarmacadam Wearing Course over the top of the existing surface which will dramatically reduce the cost of your installation.

Permeable & Eco Friendly
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